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Welcome to DNA's Comedy Lab

DNA’s Comedy Lab provides multiple chances to laugh each week with online and in-person shows. Check out our new Friday show at Greater Purpose Brewing and the Comedy Revolution coming in Spring 2022.

Meet Your Next Favorite Comic

Since 2005, DNA has been bringing the best comedians in the country to Santa Cruz and Northern California.

Building Community Through Laughter

DNA’s Comedy Lab wants to build a community of people who love to laugh. Help us, help you.



It’s been a year and a half since we were forced to close our doors. Since that time we’ve done over 150 virtual comedy, 50 wine and brewery shows, storytelling shows, a Drive-In Comedy Festival, and the Santa Cruz Comedy Festival.  DNA’s Comedy Lab survives. We will continue our online shows and are currently curating a successful Friday and Saturday night comedy show at Greater Purpose Brewing. We are planning some big surprises for 2022 so please subscribe to stay in touch. We want to reopen in a new space and are on the hunt for where and when that might be. It’s been quite a journey, and all of your donations go 100% to help keep the dream of a dedicated comedy spot in Santa Cruz alive.


Virtual & In-Person

Comedy Shows

We have a lot going on!  Every Friday and Saturday we bring a new showcase of comedians to Greater Purpose Brewing! The Ninth annual Santa Cruz comedy festival is coming in Fall of 2022. New updates every week on our event page and through our subscriber list.
Stay Calm, Keep Laughing! 

The Funny People

Our Comedians

Our goal is to continue to bring the most diverse and funniest people in the country to Santa Cruz. 

The Funny People

Our Comedians

Our goal is to continue to bring the most diverse and funniest people in the country to Santa Cruz. 

Chad Opitz

“I’m so happy I started doing comedy in Santa Cruz as I feel the crowds here are among the best in the Bay and beyond. Very excited for DNA’s Comedy Lab to add even more entertainment and fun to the absurd antics that Santa Cruz has to offer.”

Mean Dave

“To quote Leslie Nielsen in the movie Airplane, ‘I just want to say good luck, we’re all counting on you.’ ”

Emily Catalano

“I started my comedy career in
Santa Cruz. I owe everything to DNA, his events, and the community there.”

Chey Bell

“Nothing makes sense anymore!”

Phil Griffiths

“Santa Cruz is known for being the home of weirdos, surfers and hippies. What better place to contain them all than a comedy club?”

Amy Miller

“DNA has been putting on great shows and an awesome festival for years, and headlining some of us long before others caught on. When it’s not on a joint, he’s got his finger on the pulse!”